How we work with your business


We listen to you

The team here at Whistle & Taylor take great pride in always building relationships which are built on trust and honesty. We ensure that everything we do is best to suited to our clients needs. From print and publication design, to branding, infographics, annual reports, and website design we’re passionate about graphic design and really care about the quality the work that leaves our studio.  We like to take the time to understand your project over a nice cup of tea and discuss your ideas, formats, timelines and budget.


Although we appreciate that every project and every business is unique, there are certain things that we like to ask to help us understand your business in order for us to produce the best results for you. They are: • The purpose of your business • Your corporate culture • Your specific services and products • Customers demographics • Who your competitors are • The identified need for this design project • Your expectations from this project


It’s always vital to think very carefully about what your project is trying to say to your intended audience and the best place to start is to try and put yourself in their position – you should ask yourself the question – why would I buy from my business? Be clear about what the item needs to achieve, so we can explore ideas – we may even have a different take on what you are trying to say and besides, this is where our expertise comes into play. What’s more, we also take a huge amount of pride in our ability to think like the end-user.


Starting a new graphic design project whether a new logo, brochure or website can often be a very daunting prospect. To make life easier we always break the process down into four key stages, keeping you fully informed throughout. Ensuring that you understand our process and how the production of your project will unfold. The transparent way in which we work has served us well in client retention – with some of our clients still being with us after 10 + years.

Stage 1 (Consultation)

The aim of the initial meeting is for us to get to know you, the business you’re in and what you envision. We believe that no one knows your business better than you, we want to ensure that your knowledge, expertise and ideas come across in the final outcome.


We gather as much information as possible about the new project and any important points that need to be considered. Finding out what you’re looking for and how we can fulfil those needs is imperative to us. During the meeting an estimated time is given for the completion of work. Once back in the office we create a proposal and quote for the work that will be carried out as discussed in the meeting, clarifying any points of importance.

Stage 2 (Initial Development & First Review)

After conducting market research and competition analysis we compile the ideas and information discussed at the meeting and turn it into a visual outcome such as a mockup or marker visual. An initial rough visual helps determine that we are on the right track, any changes can  be made at this stage in terms of the design and layout.


Amendments can be made and elements changed or mixed up to fulfil your requirements, you’d be amazed at out how different things can look with just a few minor tweaks! When you are happy with the visuals we will answer any questions that you may have and then ask you to sign off the design before moving onto the next stage.

Stage 3 (Second Review & Further Development)

This is the time that we show you the developed designs and invite feedback for any further amendments. Any questions will be answered regarding any additional work to complete the project. This could be anything from: printing methods and paper stocks to  hosting details and SEO implementation.

Stage 4 (Final Amends & Completion)

Any further questions can be answered or last minute amends made if necessary. We then organise the print and distribution of your completed design project or make the website live. We are always available and willing to offer support to help you with any additional services provided by Whistle and Taylor whether it’s a week or a matter of months after completion.