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Branding strategy

We help to manage perceptions throughout every customer interaction

A brand strategy definition creates an understanding of your business and your ambitions. Branding workshops, questionnaires and other branding processes help to generate group buy-in while mapping a clear purpose for the brand design, positioning and future branding activities. We help businesses create a clear brand hierarchy that supports business structure and plans for future growth.

Company & Brand Naming

Deciding upon a brand name that is appropriate, inspiring and available is challenging task, but a crucial part of the branding process.

Choosing the right company or product name will have a very positive effect , the wrong name will counteract all your marketing efforts. We have developed naming processes, tools and techniques that help with brand positioning and igniting imagination.  Whether naming a company, product or renaming a service, Whistle & Taylor can suggest a brand name that characterises core values and customers remember.


Brand Guidelines

Staff brand guidelines ensure that your brand stays consistent and successful across all mediums.

Brand guidelines help to set the standards and guide consistency, ensuring your branding is strengthened and values kept every time it is used.  Incorporating all relevant aspects of your branding from logo positioning, colours and fonts to tone of voice.

Brand Identity Design

A representational symbol of what you are, your logo is one of the most important tools in your companies branding.

It’s the face of your company or products and is how your audience recognises you and sets you apart from your competitors. It’s also more often than not, your customer’s first impression of you and is there at almost every customer interaction.  Here at Graphic Evidence, we believe that your brand identity isn’t just a graphic, it must encompass your company’s core values and proudly represent you across a vast array of mediums. In this day and age your brand ID needs to look great on more than just a letterhead.



Rebranding your company or product  helps to suggests growth and change.

The majority of rebrands occur due to an acquisition or a company expanding/changing beyond the scope of the original brand. Establishing why a rebrand is necessary and defining perceptions is a key part of the rebranding process, it ensures your new brand succeeds in every aspect of your future growth.  Whistle & Taylor approach every rebrand strategically and inquisitively.

We can help to develop your brand

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